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LATER - Modern Architecture in Prague w/David Černý

July 1, 2021

LATER - Modern Architecture in Prague w/David Černý

Guest: David Černý - artist, sculptor, architect, pilot

World-renowned Czech artist David Černý joins us for our one year anniversary episode, talking about how he got into art but mainly about the large-scale architectural projects he has planned here in Prague. Along the way, we talk about other modern buildings in the city, including some that will never get made at all.

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01:11 - I was going to be a jet pilot

05:26 - Time is an essential part, kinetic sculptures

08:08 - Black N' Arch projects: Fragment

10:08 - Top Tower

14:35 - The Dancing House, proposal for Slav Epic Pavilion

16:23 - Zlíchov Distillery (Lihovar), Dog in Dock Winery in Veselí nad Moravou, other projects large & small (including a baby)

19:44 - Modern architecture hits and misses (Kotva, Hlavní Nádraží new terminal, Myslbek, Euro Palace, Nová Scéna of the National Theatre), UNESCO and the Pankrác skyscrapers

23:27 - The Blob - Jan Kaplický's neofuturist proposal for a new National Library

  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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