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LIT - Čas proměn’ (Time of Changes) w/Mark Baker

July 29, 2021

LIT - Čas proměn' (Time of Changes) w/Mark Baker

Guest: Mark Baker, journalist and author - new book Čas proměn' out now!

Writer Mark Baker has been in the region for most of his life, writing new articles, guide books for Fodor's and Lonely Planet, a blog and much more. When he was asked to evaluate the time of the Velvet Revolution from his own perspective, it gave him a chance to visit and re-evaluate that period of history as well as hid own life.  The result is Čas proměn', a personal look at a time when history became very personal indeed for a large swath of Europe.

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01:40 - The rationale for the book

04:47 - 1989 in a nutshell

10:18 - 1990 is an underappreciated year

16:13 - 1991-92: The Prague Post & difficult times

18:25 - Chill out, past Mark

21:39 - Left bank of the 90s

25:48 - The Globe café & bookstore

33:23 - Ghosts & memory

37:00 - Call it "The Changes"

  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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