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EATS - Follow Your Bagel Bliss w/Ezra’s Bagels

January 28, 2021

EATS - Follow Your Bagel Bliss w/Ezra's Bagels

Guests: Chelsea London & Giuseppe Cantanzariti, Owners & Operators of Ezra's Bagels

Recent additions to the city Chelsea & Giuseppe started making bagels to satisfy her pregnancy cravings, and a business was born. And so was their son, Ezra, so they named it after him. These New York-style bagels are the real thing - shiny, chewy, tangy, airy and delicious. They are also 100% vegan.

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01:43 - These are real deal

04:43 - Digital nomads find a home

07:38 - A non-traditional operation (it's Stephanie Cohen's fault)

12:40 - A bagel primer

16:41 - Trade secrets & regional variations

22:28 - Salt & coffee - adapting the menu

30:12 - Community while apart

37:42 - Wrap it up, I'll take it


  • Music by Fannete Ronjat


Ezra's Bagels

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