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HERE - Blood on the Snow: Czech Holiday Traditions w/Peter Collman

December 17, 2020

HERE - Blood on the Snow: Czech Holiday Traditions w/Peter Collman

Guest: Peter Collman, co-author of Curious Czech Christmas; podcaster for The Bohemican and History of Alchemy, YouTube channel Past Access

What holiday has a wallet that smells like fish, hallucinations of magical pig, a mutant baby, chocking hazards, molten lead exploding in your face, telling the future with shoes and eviscerated fish all over the sidewalk? Why, Christmas in the Czech Republic, of course!

Peter Collman, co-author of Curious Czech Christmas, gets into some of the details of the holiday season here in CZ. He also talks a bit about his podcast about being an American living in CZ called The Bohemican, his other podcast called History of Alchemy, and his YouTube channel about travelling the world as a wheelchair user called Past Access. 

NOTE: Xmas spoilers in this episode, so maybe little kids should not listen!!

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01:42 - A Busy Guy - Two Podcasts, a YouTube channel & a Book

05:49 - The Golden Pig, Freakish Infants & Total Exhaustion

12:25 - Carp & Communism - Builds Your Character

19:52 - Predicting the Future (Pancake Batter, Hot Lead & Shoes)

23:08 - Short Nights, Excesses & Three Wise Men

26:44 - Hang in There, 2021!

28:18 - Wrapping Up & Shameless Cross Promotion


  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


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