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HERE - Dog Walks Prague w/Karen O’Rourke

April 22, 2021

HERE - Dog Walks Prague w/Karen O'Rourke

Guest: Karen O' Rourke, author of Dog Walks Prague

Prague's already gone to the dogs - they're welcome everywhere. And they need to go walkies, as do their humans. Karen O'Rourke believes in the benefits of hiking and dog ownership so much, she's created a group for walkers, written a book about dogs walks in and out of Prague, and is working on a second book. She shares her ideas, some details and some of her favourite walks, both in Prague and out.

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01:54 - Walking + dogs = happiness

07:41 - Dog Walks Prague - Prokopák Paradise (Prague 5)

11:00 - At our doorstep: wild horses, Milovice (50km NE of Prague), biodiversity, Cibulka (Prague 5) and Motol Forest

13:02 - THERE: Lochovice, Plešivecký hřeben & Fabian's Garden (50km SW or Prague); Lake Mácha & Mouse Island (75km north of Prague), Kokořín (40km north of Prague), Václav Nebeský & Božena Němcová and Ratibořice (130 km east of Prague)

15:50 - A plaque on your house - Čapek Villa (Vinohrady, Prague 2), Klamovka & Lenka Reinerová (Prague 5)

17:20 - Dog Walks Prague 2 - writers and more; Karel Jaromír Erben, the Wedding Shirt & Velhartice (145km SW of Prague), hiking trails in CZ

19:45 - You don't have to have a dog (but it helps) - Dog Walks Prague FB group, extinct volcanoes (Říp & Milešovská) & Píšťany (37-80km north of Prague), a multi-cultural experience

  • Music by Fanette Ronjat

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