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NOW - #HelpYourHood w/Rob Cameron

November 5, 2020

NOW - #HelpYourHood with Rob Cameron

Guest: Rob Cameron, BBC Correspondent for CZ and Slovakia

Fulfilling two lifelong dreams, Rob Cameron gets to live in Prague and work in news. His response to the COVID-19 pandemic was to create the #helpyourhood Facebook group for a few friends, but it has grown almost beyond his control into something like an informal news agency in its own right (thanks to a crack team of volunteers - see their names below). Rob talks about having goulash & beer in his veins, and how this country has handled the COVID pandemic, including some insight into why things went so well in the spring.

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01:17 - Czech at Heart

03:00 - Prague Chooses You

06:19 - Journalist at Heart

07:21 - This Stuff Affects Me

09:25 - A Frog Being Boiled - Change is Incremental

13:49 - #helpyourhood - a place of COVID-19 calm in the Facebook echo chamber & voluntary news agency

20:54 - The Infamous Dinner Party on the Charles Bridge

22:52 - The First Wave is Now, One Man Saved Us in the Spring, the State of the State Now

30:33 - Thoughts on the (Nearish) Future


  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


SHOUT OUT to Rob's incredible collection of volunteers who continue to make #helpyourhood a place of reasons and good information:

  • Alicia Grant, Anne Johnson, Becka McFadden, Brie Yosh, Chris Richardson, Cynthia Graner, Filip Novak, Luke Fisher, Silvana Wasitova and Zuza Sykorova
  • previous helpers Jarka Adegboye, Lucie Kolala, Luke Allnutt and Polina Stolpovskaya
  • and expert advice givers Dr. Rachel White, Dr. Marie Bourne, Ole Jann, Jiri Hudecek and Sam Stone.

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