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THEN - Back to Bohemia - The House of Přemyslid (870-999)

December 1, 2020

THEN - Back to Bohemia - The House of Přemyslid (870-999)

The Great Moravian Empire is over, but the fun is just beginning in Bohemia. The Přemyslids fend off external attacks and start internal squabbles, brother kills brother, Christianity makes inroads but not without resistance, one family rises while another falls, but (spoiler) it all finally comes together with one ruler for Bohemia. However, compared to what comes after all this, these are relatively peaceful times. 

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01:28 - Themes of the Era

02:03 - Bořivoj I, First Duke of Bohemia

02:52 - Spytihněv I, the Royal Seat Moves to Prague and Prague Castle Gets Started

04:36 - Vratislav I and His Pretty Unfriendly Wife Drahomíra

05:43 - Václav I - Good (Duke) Wenceslas, 

09:36 - Václav Becomes the Patron Saint of Bohemia

10:28 - Boleslav I the Cruel - Fratricide, Yet Not a Totally Bad Guy

13:17 - Boleslav II the Pious - Bohemia Gets a Bishop, the Slavník family Cause Trouble, the Great Slav Uprising, the Vršovci Help Wipe Out the Slavníks, Vyšehrad is Founded, Bohemia is Finally United Under a Single Ruler


  • Music by Fanette Ronjat 


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