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THEN - Two of the Greats: Vaclav I & Ottokar II (1230-1278)

February 25, 2021

THEN - Two of the Greats: Vaclav I & Ottokar II (1230-1278)

Bohemia finally has permanent kings, and the next two rulers are ranked among the best all of time. Under Vaclav I and Ottokar II, Bohemia would reach the apex of its power and influence. At least, under the Přemyslids.

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01:30 - Vaclav I (1230-1253) - One-Eye, two Freds and several new towns (including Prague's Old Town)

04:04 - The Mongols come a-visiting

05:36 - Vaclav expanded Bohemia's influence, plus got Austria (finally)

08:15 - Ottokar II (1253-1278) - The Iron & Golden King didn't want to be in politics, but then he did

10:20 - The coast of Bohemia, the Hapsburgs make an appearance, Ottokar builds the Hofburg in Vienna

12:38 - Zaviš of the Vítkovci causes problems, so does HRE Rudolf, Ottokar picks a fight he can't win

14:51 - The Legacies of Vaclav I and Ottokar II


  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


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