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THEN - CZ in the 90s: Privatization, Politics & Progress with Jonathan Stein

December 3, 2020

THEN - CZ in the 90s: Privatization, Politics & Progress with Jonathan Stein

Guest: Jonathan Stein, Managing Editor for Project Syndicate

Jonathan Stein has seen many transitions - Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic, working in academia then news, how the three phases of privatization worked in the 90s, the rise of Klaus and the technocrats, bureaucratic shenanigans and much more. We talk about these things, plus his news service, Project Syndicate. He also shares some pretty funny stories from the 90s. 

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01:31 - Freelancing Through the 90s - Academia, Teaching & the Economist Intelligence Unit

05:00 - Project Syndicate in a Nutshell

12:22 - Small Scale Privatization Post Revolution

15:53 - Coupons, Property Restitution & Sociological Implications

23:17 - Banking on the Future & the Apotheosis of the Technocrat

29:33 - Old Habits Die Hard - Corruption, Taxis, Lunch Reservations & Magic Phones


  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


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